Investment Services

We provide a range of award winning wealth management services ranging from low entry model solutions to bespoke solutions for high net worth clients.

We work closely with advisers to offer actively managed investment portfolios that will be administered in-house, all portfolios are constructed within the clients specified risk profile.

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Whitechurch Ethical Investment Solutions

EIS Brochure

  • A range of ethical solutions are available for investments of £3,000 upwards.
  • From model portfolios with predefined requirements (to fit the needs of most investors); up to bespoke solutions for private individuals, charities and trusts.The portfolios are managed by the Whitechurch Investment team with Amanda Tovey as Investment Manager and Head of SRI & Direct Equities.
  • Investments can be placed either directly with Whitechurch or via a number of wrap platforms.

Whitechurch Portfolio Management Service


  • Available at just 0.2% fee on platform.
  • Five Dynamic strategies that are low fee portfolios blending active and passive funds.
  • Five Responsible Dynamic options taking into account screening for Environmental, Social and Governance metrics and will screen out key contentious areas.
  • Five Active strategies, including one Active Ethical strategy
  • Our entry level service (minimum investment £3,000 or £100pcm) which provides clients with access to a range of low cost portfolios (AMC from 0.10% + vat) with clearly defined strategies and risk profiles.
  • Whitechurch takes responsibility for actively managing, rebalancing, reporting and administrating; providing clients with a service that would otherwise be hard to achieve cost effectively for advisory portfolios under £50,000.
  • Junior ISA range available.

 Whitechurch Prestige Investment Management Service 


  • Our bespoke service for investments of £50,000 or more.
  • The adviser works closely with their clients to ascertain risk profile and return objectives  and the wide range of risk levels and objectives within the PIMS service allows the adviser a greater choice of end portfolios to suit their client’s needs.
  • The Whitechurch Investment team builds an optimum portfolio for the required risk and reward profile and maintains it within these parameters.
  • Ethical strategies are available within this service.

Whitechurch Personally Tailored Service


  • The Personally Tailored Portfolio Service allows clients, with £200,000 or more to invest, to access a choice of risk rated portfolios which combine UK direct equities with funds from other asset classes.
  • The client works with their adviser and our Investment Manager to create a portfolio tailored to meet their attitude to risk and objectives.
  • Capital Gains Tax can also be managed by arrangement, if required.
  • Ethical restrictions can be accounted for.

Whitechurch Direct Equity Service


  • The Direct Equity Service allows clients to invest in a portfolio of Direct UK Equities, from as little as £50,000.
  • All portfolios are risk rated and there is a choice of three objectives, Growth, Income & Growth and Yield.