Adviser Retirement Options

We offer something different for retiring advisers: We are not a big consolidator, but a family run advisory company looking to assist other advisers who are client centric. 

Whether you are looking to retire or exit the industry today, in six months or three years we can help. We understand that it is not only important that you are looked after in your retirement but your clients too.

Our proposition is an annuity payment based on a percentage payment of ongoing advisory fees payable over a number of years, please get in touch for further details.

At a Glance: Why Whitechurch?

5 x Recurring Income

Our highly competitive exit solution that can be comparable in multiple terms to as much as 5 times your recurring income compared to the industry standard of 3.


We have been selectively offering retirement solutions to financial advisers for over a decade and have a wealth of experience in the area.


We can accommodate a range of situations and formations including sole traders, partnerships, limited companies, members of networks and stand-alone advisers. We also have solutions for those looking to retire in a few years but who want to start the process now.


The next steps...

Our Adviser Retirement Options brochure is an introduction to The Whitechurch Proposition as well as FAQs and Testimonials from retiring Financial Advisers about our services. To download your copy, click the button below:

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